1. Windows and Doors
a. All windows and doors leading to the pool/spa are secured and locked, Safety latches are out of reach of children (recommended 54” above the ground).
b. Alarms are present, and never disconnected, on all doors and windows leading to the pool/spa area.

2. Fencing
a. There is a non-climbable fence, at least 5 feet high, completely surrounding the pool/spa from the residence.
b. Vertical bars are no more than 4 inches apart.
c. The fence allows for a clear view of the pool/spa.
d. All gates leading to the pool/spa are self-closing and self latching, with latches out of reach of children (recommended 54” above the ground)
e. All gates should open outward, away from the pool.
f. Chairs, tables, planters or other items potentially used for climbing are kept away from the fences.

3. Pool/Spa Safety Covers
a. Pool/spa safety cover that can support the weight of a child.
b. Standing water is always drained from cover.
c. Pool covers are removed completely, just prior to use and replaced immediately afterwards.

4. Supervision
a. An adult is designated to supervise the pool/spa area when children are present. Supervision does not lapse during this time, for any reason.
b. All household residents 14 years old and over have a current CPR certification.

5. Pool/Spa
a. If a diving board is present, the water is at least 8 feet deep.
b. Pools chemicals are stored in childproof container and kept out of reach of children.
All items checked “absent” or “needs repair” are ways in which you can increase your level of protection against childhood drownings.

Note: The items shown on this checklist are not currently required by any law, ordinance, statute or regulation. They represent items proven to reduce the incidence of childhood drownings.

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