Q. Why does chlorine burn my eyes?
A. Chlorine is an excellent sanitizer and is perfectly safe if used correctly. People assume that when they can smell and feel the chlorine that there is too much chlorine in the pool, but that’s not true. Free chlorine (FC) has no detectable taste or smell and causes no irritation. Combined chlorine is the chloramines formed by the reaction of FC with ammonia wastes from the bathers. Chloramines are the cause of the characteristic “chlorine odor” of heavily used pools and causes irritation.

Q. Do we need to service our pool year round?
A. Yes, a properly maintained pool throughout the year will reduce the amount of staining in the pool. Pumps and other equipment can also be properly maintained to prolong their life which in turn saves you money in the long run.

Q. When do I clean my filter?
A. Check pressure at filter and when pressure reaches 10 PSI above normal it is time to rinse or backwash depending on what filter you have. However, over a period of time grease, oils, and scale can build up on the elements and stain.

Q. Why is my pump so noisy?
A. In your pump motor there are bearings. A loud pump motor is a sign of bad bearings. Bearings can be replaced but in most cases the motor is replaced.

Q. Why is my pool water cloudy?
A. Chemistry is very important not having enough chlorine will cloud up a pool also keeping the P.H. and Alkalinity within proper range. A defected filter may be the cause, make sure the filter is cleaned. Also using a clarifier is a great way to filter out cloudy and hazy water.

Q. Two years ago I drained my pool due to hard water. This year we tested the pool for hard water again and the calcium levels are 500+ why?
A. It sounds as though one or more of the following apply:
1. Adding calcium chloride for chlorination.
2. Not backwashing frequently enough (cartridge filter)
3. Running the pool or spa heater.

Tip: Evaporation will cause a loss of water so calcium and all other residuals will steadily increase. (Hard water)

Q. Why is my cleaner moving slow?
A. First check the pump basket for debris also check filter pressure making sure filter pressure is normal. Backwash or clean if necessary. Check cleaner for any obstruction. Check hoses for splits, obstructions or holes. If your pool has lots of leaves you might consider installing an in-line leaf trap. They work great with yards with lots of trees.

Q. I noticed that my pump takes a little longer to prime up and once it’s running I notice air in the pump basket.
A. Your pump is meant to run air free after some time you may notice air in the basket. This will allow air to build up in the filter, and sometimes prevent your pump from catching prime. The problem is usually located around the pump, plumbing, o-rings, valves and sometimes the pump itself can be the cause. It could be something as simple as the water level being to low in the pool, check the skimmer and skimmer weir, this is a plastic flap at the throat of the skimmer. If the skimmer weir is stuck it can cause the skimmer to drain and take in air.

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